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LAUNCH 004: Producers' Picks: Best Products of 2010 from 16 Insiders

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-- Producers' Picks: Best Products of 2010 from 16 Insiders
-- LAUNCH 004 Survey: Best Products of 2010
-- LAUNCH Conference Partners: Google and Sequoia Capital
-- LAUNCH Conference Early Selection: 10 of 40 Companies Chosen
-- LAUNCH Conference Tickets & Scholarships


In this issue we asked our favorite product designers, pundits, visionaries and angel investors what products they loved in 2010. We're certain that their selections will suck a week or two out of your life, and a couple hundred bucks from your bank account.

Don't say we didn't warn you!

Vote for your favorite products of 2010 in the LAUNCH "Best Products of 2010" survey here:

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Jason & the LAUNCH team (Carolyn, Kate, Kirin, Krute, Mo, Nick & Tyler)

Producers' Picks: Best Products of 2010 from 16 Insiders

1. Pishevar: "It's going to be one of the foundational Internet brands."
2. Kalanick: "They're f$%king legitimately awesome."
3. Borthwick: "It came of age in 2010."
4. Zappacosta: "It's a web-based password management solution that just works."
5. Spivack: "I would gladly use it instead of XM Radio in my car."
6. Gold: "Parents can no longer hate video games for making their kids couch potatoes."
7. McLeod: "It made me have happy giggles that only well thought-out tech can bring."
8. Boggs: "Huge time saver for me - especially around tax time!"
9. Pandya: "The impact has been undeniable to artists, geeks, & children."
10. Holovaty: "My home internet connection is 2x faster than with my previous router."
11. Howard: "They put a beautiful spin on task management."
12. Staff of reddit: "It's like The Sims, for guys, and dangerously addictive."
13. Horn: "This is going to make donations 10x easier in the new year."
14. Williams: "I'm a junkie, can't travel without it."
15. Rosenthal: "It's become essential for my team when we're traveling to new cities."
16. Kedrosky: "It finally made me upgrade from my cracked & busted iPhone 1.5."

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LAUNCH003: Responses to Jason's "What I Learned from Zuckerberg's Mistakes"

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-- Responses to Jason's "What I Learned from Zuckerberg's Mistakes"
-- LAUNCH002.1: Results of Developer/Facebook Survey: 42 Percent Would Not Partner with and Only 11 Percent Say They Trust Facebook (Ouch)
-- LAUNCH Conference, Feb. 23-24: Searching for Judges, Partners and Startups
-- Comprehensive List of Incubators/Accelerators by Location and Application Date
-- Coming in L004: Too Many Accelerators?



We love receiving your thoughtful feedback and want to continue the conversation around Mark Zuckerberg's [] developer-driven culture. We've selected a dozen responses below from Etsy to Netflix. Additionally, we summarize the L002 survey and find that almost none of your trust Facebook. Original essay in L002: [ ]

all the best,

Jason & the LAUNCH team (Kirin, Kate, Nick, Lon, Tyler & Krute)

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Incubators/Accelerators by Deadline

Note: Most incubators have not set their 2011 deadlines, but we expect many to do so over the 2010/2011 holiday break. If you have any updates for this page, please post them in the comments or email

For a complete list of accelerators and incubators sorted by location (country, state and city), please visit

January Deadlines

January 16th
Founder Institute Boston

January 16th
Tech Wildcatters (Dallas)

January 21st
Entrepreneur Center (Herndon, VA)

January 31st
TechStars Boston

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Complete List of Incubators and Accelerators (like Y Combinator)

LAUNCH is doing a survey of incubators. We’d like to know which ones are hosting a new class, when the deadline is, etc. Here’s what we have so far (alphabetical order by US state). Let us know in the comments if you have any particular information we missed. Know one that we missed? Fill out the form here, and we'll add it to the list.

JUST ADDED: incubators outside the US (alphabetical order by country).


Name: Astia,
Date Founded: 1999
Cities: San Francisco, New York, London, Bangalore
Address: Twitter:
First Class: 2003
Total Classes:
Total Companies Graduated: 255
Notable Graduates:
Founded by: CEO is Sharon Vosmek
Next Deadline: February 7, 2011
Next Class: March 2011 in London and New York

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LAUNCH002: What I Learned from Zuckerberg's Mistakes

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Best comment on this post gets a free ticket to the @LAUNCH conference. Contest ends December 20.

-- What I Learned from Zuckerberg's Mistakes
-- L001.1: Results of Survey
-- Housekeeping: HTML vs. Text, Launch Conference, Discussion Group

What I Learned from Zuckerberg's Mistakes
by Jason Calacanis
In May I "ghosted" my Facebook page based on my feelings that Facebook was a bad actor, not worthy of our trust and very bad for our industry.

[ Ghosted: removing all content and leaving a note explaining why you left. ]

After a seven-month hiatus from the service for everything except a) reviewing new features (as an angel investor and pundit must do) and b) using Facebook Connect to log in to various services, I've got some observations I'd like to share.

My hiatus has lead me to answer a couple of questions, including "Is Facebook evil, clueless or unlucky," and I've actually had an epiphany around how products are made.

Have I changed my stance on Facebook screwing our collective user base over and over and over again? Not really, but I've learned to appreciate Zuckerberg's process.

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