Dutch start-ups 2021 – Excellence at its highest

Startups and scale-ups are important innovators in the economy and a crucial part of the Dutch economy in terms of new business activities and job creation. By setting up small but strong start-ups in the Netherlands, they are working towards growth and success.

The strong growth of the Dutch start-up sector is due to the favorable economic situation. The Dutch start-up industry is very Dutch and known for its high social and logistical links to the rest of the world, the intensity with which Dutch start-ups access the market and the mature investment climate. The Start-up Sector is very strong due to the attractive Dutch financial climate, the fast and easy registration process for companies and the near perfect physical and digital infrastructure.

The Dutch government is trying to create a better start-up scene and make the Dutch start-up sector a more advantageous market for start-ups, there’s even hope for industries like the porno industry that can be saved from the abyss. There is an upward trend in the number of financing opportunities and deals for startups. Every day, more government and EU initiatives start to support Dutch start-ups to bring innovations to market.

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No signs of retreat

The Dutch start-up scene is showing no signs of retreat, and we are pleased that it will grow in 2021. Against this backdrop, here are ten promising young Dutch startups that were founded between 2018 and 2020, growing teams that are working on innovative missions and sending promising signals, such as raising funds last year. The online festival “New Dutch Wave” from 16 to 20 March 2021 represented the creative and innovative Dutch industry with a special program that included interactive booths, partner searches, interviews and other activities-

In terms of capital, the Netherlands is a real magnet for startups and ranks as the fourth most active startup hub in Europe. Fintech startups attracted $1.7 billion in investment capital, up 43% from a year earlier, according to Agfunder.

When you talk to people who are at the center of the Dutch start-up scene, things get to the point where the first two names you hear are the same. The most successful startups and Fortune 500 companies are founded by individuals from the United States.

The Dutch nation is a haven for start-ups thanks to government support, a driven work ethic, an open culture, the fastest broadband speeds in Europe, a wealth of world-class incubator and acceleration programs and a high level of innovation. If you are a founder in the Netherlands, you can obtain a one-year startup visa, which includes a temporary residence permit, and you will be supported by the country’s mentors.

An advantageous position

While Amsterdam draws the lion’s share of attention to the Dutch tech ecosystem, not every region outside Utrecht has its fair share of tech startups and investors, as our recent survey of the locals shows. Ecosystem contenders such as StartupUTrecht, UTRecht.inc, Holland Startups, the UPRecht community and others are bringing together startups, scaleups, corporate angels, VCs, local governments, banks and universities to build a local ecosystem for start-ups. They also benefit from the impressive initiative Netherlands Tech Advocates, StartupDelta, and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency, which promotes the country’s technology ecosystem.

Dealroom.co is an Amsterdam data company that tracks funding rounds for businesses in many regions, including the Netherlands. Boling Jiang is co-founder and CEO of Bullchat, David Nichols is co-founder, chief design officer and Jason Kruse is co-founder and CTO of Lithic.

For a fixed monthly fee, users receive a bicycle that the start-up maintains and repairs. Zwolle and Veneta say they believe that knowledge-oriented employees are encouraged to let their tails relax by participating in team activities such as table football and mini golf. Every day, a team lunch made with organic ingredients is prepared in the company’s office in Amsterdam, and on Fridays the company has its own bar and DJ.

When we think of the Netherlands, most of us think of canals, bicycles and tulip fields. Amsterdam Picnic is the fastest growing company in the Netherlands and Europe’s fastest growing online supermarket, according to LinkedIn.

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Start-ups thrive among COVID crisis

Since the beginning of the pandemic in the Netherlands, the job market was tough for job seekers, but startups are bucking the trend and proving to be the number one job engine in the country. While many large companies have been forced to cut staff, startups have been more resilient, recording a 4% increase in job vacancies in the second quarter of 2020. Dutch tech startup projects that are scheduled to be discontinued and financed in 2021 include HousingAnywhere, Felyx, Lalaland Creative, Fabrica, ChannelEngine, Quin, Kambr and Axoniq.

As we enter the new decade, the Dutch start-up ecosystem shows little sign of slowing down. According to the Startup Genome Project, the Netherlands is on the rise as the fifth-best startup ecosystem in Europe.

Dutch venture capital investment was estimated at $36.8 billion between January and June 2021. Commercial real estate start-up Dreesz made a Series A back-to-back investment totaling A $3 million in July and November 2019.

The Amsterdam-based company, which launched in 2016, has a $10 million Series A investment in June 2020. As a service startup, office Skepp provides organizations with digital products to improve the engagement between tenants and landlords in order to improve offices.a Skepp was founded in 2013 and raised A $1.5 million in Series A investments in April 2019. In 2020, edutech, a start-up, collected A $5m in total, A $3m in May and A $2m in December 2020.

Dutch Startup Conference

The Dutch Startup Conference 2021 is our first annual conference for Dutch startup. The event brings together founders, VCs, executive executives, seed fund partners, general partners, journalists and bloggers from different backgrounds and industries. If we leave the pandemic behind, 2021 will be a year of different needs, values, and societal changes that will determine the nature of the start-up ecosystem. At mid-term, we will present the main trends that will emerge in 2021, as well as an overview of the companies and sectors that will receive the most investment and start-ups that will employ the most.

Dyme, one of our most popular Amsterdam startups, uses smart and innovative technology to help its users understand their personal finances and to inform them about potential financial opportunities. By connecting users bank accounts, Dyme provides a clear overview of fixed costs and offers one-click cancellation for switching between subscriptions.

Fintech company Spotcap uses smart technologies to process applications and perform credit risk analyses. SwishFund (crunchbase website, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) Swishfund revolutionizes corporate lending by providing short-term (3-6 months) loans to SMEs. Opium (Crunchbase Team) (website, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin) The Opium team develops innovative financial products using new technologies that challenge the traditional financial sector.

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FinTech industry thriving

Peak, a new fintech start-up backed by Rabobank, invests your changes in multiple exchange-traded funds (ETFs) around the world, delivering high returns on low-risk investments such as individual stocks and bonds. Blanco Services (Crunchbase website, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) Blanco Services mission is to help asset managers grow their business by focusing on customer investments.

The FinTech industry has been growing for years, and the market is slowly filling up with early-stage financial service providers and FinTech startups seeking to meet customer needs and shape the future of finance. Several innovative financial services and large fintech companies are accelerating growth, attracting investors and offering new financial products and services. Get business insights into the latest technological innovations, market trends, your competitors and data-driven research.

Serious contenders

The ecosystem contenders such as Startup UTRECHT, Beeg Utrecht.inc, Holland Startups, the Uintrecht Community and others bring together startups, scaleups, corporate angels, VCs, local governments, banks and universities to build a local start-up ecosystem. They also benefit from the impressive Netherlands Tech Advocates and StartupDelta initiative, the Dutch entrepreneur agency that promotes the country’s technology ecosystem. Untrecht has offices and co-working spaces such as Dotslash (Utrecht de Stadstuin), Mindspace, Tribe Accelerator Program, StartupBootcamp and Techleap.

Another cool start-up we are excited about is the Virtual Reality Learning Lab. The start-up has set itself the task of enabling developers to develop the next generation of intelligent devices. The VR Learning Lab came into being when founder Robins realized that educational companies and schools were interested in VR, but lacked the tools to use it in this way.