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Prepaid Funeral Plans Comparing Future Planning as a LAUNCH on Awareness in the UK

Funeral Plans and Prepaying

Suffering a bereavement is one of the worst things a family can go through, as losing a loved one is a heart-wrenching and sometimes an untimely occurrence. After a tragic event or even before, you must plan carefully to ensure a funeral is a memorable and unforgettable for the people closest to the deceased. Understanding the details involved with a funeral is important: this can be explained by many reputable funeral care companies.

Emotions can run high and allowing a company to take the finer details out of your hands maybe the best option. Grieving for the deceased is extremely important, as it is part of the healing process.

Comparing Funeral Plans

There are many companies in the market place that offer sound financial funeral packages and put the needs of the customer first. To find the best price, you must compare funeral plans scrupulously – this will ensure that you find the best deal and a plan that works for you. Essentially, you need to compare plans so that you find a plan that is both affordable and understandable for all involved.

Top Companies for Funerals Care Plans and Compare Funeral Plans

Below are a list of companies who offer funeral care packages, so you can compare funeral plans and make a decision:

(1) The Co-Operative offer comprehensive packages where they tailor their services to the needs of the customer. They have over a 100 years of experience in the industry and profess to be one of the leading companies in relation to the advice they give in their funeral plans.

(2)Age UK are one of the leading lights in the funeral care plan industry and also offer the ‘personal touch’ when it comes to discussing a policy. You can request a free pack via their website or you are alternatively encouraged to call so that you discuss your situation and seek a policy that meets your needs. Age UK is seen as one of the most accommodating funeral care companies and definitely one worth considering.

(3)Asda 50+ offer very attractive funeral care packages and are competitively priced against rival companies. Asda proclaim that the quoting process is both simple and straightforward, so that a plan can be tailored to your needs very quickly. It also states on the website that no medical questions will be asked, so your medical history can be protected.

(4)Sun Life Direct have been one of the leading companies in the funeral care business for a very long time. The website is extremely straightforward and lists options for taking out a new policy or claiming a cash sum before a funeral, if you already have a policy. Importantly, the process for the customer is easy and the minor details are dealt with and explained by the experts Sun Life employs. Sun Life still actively advertise on the small screen and there adverts are normally some of the most recognizable!

(5) LV is another company with a stranglehold in this industry. Cover can be taken from as little as £7 a week and claims to be rate at 9/10 by a majority of current and new customers.

(6)The Post Office are already strong players in the loan and savings industries, but also a very attractive per-paid funeral care plan. According to their websites their telephone lines are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. An extremely impressive claim!

(7)Bupa are renowned for offering an exemplary service in the funeral care service sector. You can take out a pre-paid cash plan with this company to ensure that yourself or others are covered when it comes to funeral expenses. Essentially, this company comes highly recommended and has very good ratings on Trust Pilot.

(8) Aviva offers a very attractive funeral health care plan, whereby customers can insert their details online and it finds the best monthly payment package. Aviva is not on comparison websites and comes highly recommend.

(9)Tesco Bank offers life insurance polices that are similar to that of other leading company’s funeral care policies. However, an advantage of buying a life care plan from Tesco Bank would be the clubcard points and in-store benefits that are offered with a policy.

(10)Other smaller companies: If you spend time looking on the internet and compare funeral plans accurately, you will come across smaller companies that offer many perks and offer more attractive monthly deals. When you compare funeral plans in relation to smaller companies you normally get a better deal, much like going through a broker with car insurance.