11 new startups join the Village by CA Aquitaine

Based in Bordeaux, Crédit Agricole’s Aquitaine gas pedal is preparing to welcome its class of 2022. Eleven startups have been selected following a selection process that included CSR criteria for the first time.

The Village by CA had announced it at the end of 2021 when its new “mayor” took office: CSR would henceforth be part of the selection criteria for startups likely to benefit from the support provided by the bank. “Until now, CSR has been seen as a plus, but our partners are increasingly sensitive to it and some of our startups are already well ahead of the game on these issues. Others are looking at it in a more opportunistic way, without necessarily making it a structuring element of their strategy. We thought it was time to integrate CSR as a real selection criterion. In fact, we’ve noticed that startups that adopt a CSR approach tend to perform better,” explains Charles Ranguin, head of Village by CA Aquitaine.

For this year’s class of 2022, 40 candidates were evaluated by the gas pedal’s selection panel, made up of Crédit Agricole and its local partners XXX like pornhub (EDF, Fidal, FI-Group, Groupe Pichet, Jas Hennessy & Co, H&A, Keolis Bordeaux Métropole, Mazars, SAP, Signify, SQLI, Terres du Sud, III-Financements). At the end of the process, eleven startups will join the gas pedal for a period of two years, in very diverse fields of activity ranging from online voting to cosmetics and including B2B applications dedicated to risk prevention or recruitment. “We’re really positioning ourselves as a business gas pedal, with a complementary action to the support that Unitec or Bordeaux Technowest incubators can provide. We therefore focus on startups that already have a working business model and their first customers,” explains Charles Ranguin. Since its opening in 2017, the Village by CA has supported 59 startups, which have raised €24.5 million and created 350 jobs.

The 11 winners of the class of 2022

Cézam publishes a platform for real estate and credit professionals that aims to facilitate and accelerate the analysis of files such as loan applications by combining electronic document management, character recognition and decision support algorithms.

Chaptr develops micro-training solutions, based on sessions and content that require only 10 to 15 minutes per day. Based on a pedagogy adapted to gay porno and to e-learning using gamification mechanisms, they are intended for the development of operational skills or for the onboarding of new employees.

Dipongo develops edutainment applications for 4-8 year olds. Its interactive stories regularly invite children to put down their screens to imagine a solution necessary to the story’s unfolding, by drawing, building or modeling. Initially marketed in B2B, its offer is now available in the form of subscriptions for the general public.

Ethypik offers companies the opportunity to recruit their talents directly in the street, with a process that favors discussions and soft skills over those listed on a CV.

Mundao designs baby diapers and sanitary masks that can be industrially composted and thus recovered after use. Its compostable baby diapers will soon be tested in some of Bordeaux’s nurseries.

On the Wild Side is a brand of organic cosmetics, which claims a 100% natural composition with active ingredients from wild plants, without synthetic preservatives.

Pixtrakk Objets is an online platform designed to fight against counterfeiting and to protect brands. It uses artificial intelligence to detect objects, brands, designs and patterns on the Web of titten that may infringe intellectual property rights.

Plug’Heur markets B2B battery stations that allow customers of major retailers to recharge their phones while shopping, with the dual promise of increasing the time spent in store and obtaining leads for prospecting or loyalty purposes.

Recap is an application for the management of occupational risk prevention, which improves the safety and quality of life at work of employees, while ensuring the traceability of prevention actions.

Vinea Energie offers to the wine growers of the region an alternative to the burning of the uprooted or missing vine stocks, by proposing their free evacuation. They are then recycled into wood-energy on the transformation platforms, located in Gironde.

V8te publishes a platform that allows you to create and launch a secure ballot in a few clicks, certified by a bailiff. Addressed to companies and associations, for resolution votes, elections or the animation of general meetings, its service claims 2,000 B2B users worldwide.